Friday, October 7, 2011

Annabelle Metayer and Paul Rogers in Workbook # 33 Fall 2011

Another season welcomes a variety of work by Annabelle and Paul. Travel, sports, cuisine, music, entertainment, fashion, romance and adventure. Did we miss anything?

Owen Freeman for The New York Times

Tough subjects such as solitary confinement, the death penalty and Memorial Day treated with respect and a deft hand by Owen Freeman, a regular contributor to The New York Times.

Medical Mystery series by Owen Freeman for The Washington Post

The Washington Post's Heath Section, art directed by Brad Walters, is highlighting the essays by Sandra G. Booman and illustrated by Owen Freeman.

Joe Morse for The Boston Globe

NFL Preview broadsheet for The Boston Globe, commissioned by Luke Knox,  a quick read showing the speed of the players who specialize as pass rushers.

Thursday, October 6, 2011

Dennis Balogh for Saturday Evening Post

Dennis was thrilled to be called by the Saturday Evening Post. This was a touching feature about every day heroes, those folks who make a difference in our lives by just being themselves.

Charlotte Knox for Design Design

Design Design, the paper publisher out of Grand Rapids MI, commissioned these beautiful cards by Charlotte Knox. The actual cards have foild stamped borders and some details inside the center of the Sun Flower.

Paul Rogers for Rockefeller Philanthropy Advisers

Brit Cobb a designer at Pentagram commissioned this set of conceptual financial illustrations for RPA's Your Philanthropy Roadmap, a guide to help you set milestone on your philanthropy journey.

Friday, September 16, 2011

Charlotte Knox Illustrates and Designs Sustainable Seafood Tote Bags

Charlotte Knox designed and illustrated a tote bag for the Smithsonian National Museum of Natural History's Demystifying Seafood, The Ocean and Its Bounty conference and special foodie event. Celebrating edible ocean life, my illustrations are of sustainable species from the US Gulf.
Art Director: Julie Mounts

Heflinreps Illustration Agency

Thursday, July 28, 2011

Paul Rogers’ unofficial re-creation of Mad Men titles goes viral

It appears going the entire summer without Mad Men is frustrating for fans of the show. Paul Rogers’ unofficial re-creation of the Mad Men opening titles has temporarily satiated hunger for any news about the next season. Paul posted his re-creation of the Mad Men titles earlier this month and can be seen here on Vimeo. Since then it’s had over 60,000 hits adding 1000 hits a day.

Even if you feel the original is better you can't deny this is an excellent example of an artist being proactive and turning a critical eye on the culture around him into a promotional vehicle. What pleases me most is Paul’s humble approach. He not really trying to call attention to himself in the sense of the mercenary publicist – he leaves that to me – he’s genuinely challenged by what he feels needs improvement and by solving a problem he creates a new style in his portfolio to offer clients.

Google Paul Rogers Mad Men and see for yourself.
NY Magazine says its “extra-preppy”!

Things That Make You Happy says “cool…stylishly great”.

LA Weekly says “what better way to highlight than by contradicting it”.

Adweek + AOL/Fuel the Future chimes in “It’s very of-its-time (the era the show represents, not know)!...we think we like this one better”.

And even The Daily Beast in its Sexy Beast Entertainment & Fashion section noted “…Paul Rogers took matters into his own hands to create this spirited remake.”

It even made the Mad Men Talk on AMC site where you’ll find stalwart enthusiast for both the original version and critical as well as kind works for Paul’s re-creation.

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

CEO Portrait Paintings by Dennis Balogh

Dennis Balogh is painting compelling portraits for various clients in the financial and institutional arenas. Dennis says a few things about his approach:

"I can capture a serious look without losing the appeal of an individual making them still quite approachable."

"I find using my opaques liberally I'm able to avoid creating any harshness in the final portrait which is important when painting women."

"When emplying a painterly style the challenge is to maintain a spontaneous feel but not soften the features. I was pleased with the energy the final paintings capture. "

Dennis has a long list of CEOs painted for the NYSE. they include Fox, Xerox, Embracer, Darden Retaraunts, and many others.

Monday, July 25, 2011

Tatsuro Kiuchi award winning artwork on display at heflinreps:

Tatsuro Kiuchi was kind enough to loan heflinreps a collection of his artwork originally exhibited at the Society of Illustrators. The award winning status comes from the artwork being selected by a jury of his peers for their annual exhibition. Since Tatsuro lives in Japan, we at heflinreps like to frame the work and hand deliver it to the Society and pick it up when the shows complete.

Our office was originally a two car garage, hence the bicycle and to appease the fire department we have our trusty extinguisher should things start to sizzle!

More of Tatsuro's work can be seen on the heflinreps site:

Friday, February 11, 2011

NIKE USA, NBA portraits of Lebron James and Kobe Bryant by Paul Rogers on t-shirts

Nike USA has finally released two t-shirts by Paul Rogers. Wil Green of the design department commissioned Paul citing important marketing targets such as team colors, sneaker style, the player's hometown and a "1930's World's Fair" vibe. Strong likenesses of the star players as well as the energy they evoke were crucial to the success of the product. One of the more interesting aspects of this assignment was the uproar around Lebron moving from Cleveland to Miami. The announcement was made after Paul completed the original artwork with Akron as Lebron's hometown so an additional background was required. Not as easy as it looks, designing a cityscape background that dynamically interacts and supports the subject requires a new design. But NIKE was happy with the results. Now, why couldn't they send samples without that "sample" stamp on the back!

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Thursday, December 30, 2010

Paul Rogers illustrates USPS JAZZ stamp

Among the challenges of working on a top-secret assignment the most nail-biting one is awaiting the launch; you have to discover it on your own. In this case The United States Postal Service announced the launch of JAZZ in the USA Philatelic catalog and the online extension of the catalog called Beyond the Perf. What a thrill to have the word "FOREVER" associated with your work. Paul will walk us through the project:
"It's always an honor to design a postage stamp, and because I love jazz and have great respect for the history of the music, this one was very special to me. I started by thinking of all the artists I admire from the past who have created visual art with connections to jazz. I was going to have to rise to the occasion and deliver a design that would sit well in my mind with those images, or I knew I'd feel bad about it for a long time.

The only requirements Howard gave me was that the letters J-A-Z-Z appear in the design and that no recognizable performer be depicted. Beyond that, he left it in my hands as to how to communicate the feeling of jazz. I thought that the best way to proceed was to design three stamps and show them as completed designs. If I took three different approaches, I might improve my chances of getting the Stamp Advisory Committee to approve one, and by taking each design to a finished stage I could refine all the elements to a level that I'd be happy with and would eliminate any guesswork in the approval process.

The first sketch carries a lot of Stuart Davis' influence with a red, white and blue palette and abstracted instrument shapes mixed into the letter-forms. The second design takes a more geometric approach to the letters-and-instruments idea and includes some musician's hands.

The third design was the one that I felt best about, and it was the one I most wanted to be chosen. It shows a combo hard at work on the bandstand or recording studio. The big challenge was in the interplay between the letter-forms and the drawings of the musicians. A limited palette of orange, black, grey, tan and white carried the feeling of a late-night scene without getting into too much detail.

It turned out that design three was approved very quickly with only a couple of small fine-tuning suggestions and a request to add a female singer into the scene. The singer could have been a problem, it's not always easy to add another element to something that has been so worked out, but I was able to add her to the top left corner of the design. Also, 2011 is the first year that all stamps will be "Forever" stamps, so the word "Forever" replaces the 44-cent number. From a design standpoint, I'll miss the graphic element of a numeral in the designs, but it makes economic sense for the customer and the USPS.

I had the opportunity to show the design to the great Alex Steinweiss when I visited him last year in Florida. I laid a top-secret test-print on him while I was finishing up the project."

Blurb on Beyond the Perf about the Stamp:

With this stamp, the U.S. Postal Service is proud to pay tribute to jazz, America's musical gift to the world, and to the musicians who play it on festival stages as well as in studios, clubs, and concert halls. Art director Howard Paine designed the stamp to showcase the work of Paul Rogers, an artist living in Pasadena, California. In creating the art for the stamp, originally using ink on paper and then finishing his work digitally, Rogers explored the way images could become a visual equivalent of jazz music. He was inspired by the cover art from vintage jazz record albums, work that captured the music's improvisational quality while built on a clear understanding of its underlying structure.

More detailed research for the design on Paul's blog:

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Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Paul Rogers illustrates LEGO website campaign

Lego Systems has a new online campaign called Build Together Road Trip. If you are going on a trip, you’ll need a map to navigate five Destinations, ten Landmarks and onto the virtual activities. Click on any of the illustrated locations to play a game, watch movies, download postcards and collect travel stickers together with a friend or parent. I was quite captivated by the movie about how the Tower Bridge was designed and built, go to Drive in Theatre. This is a great example of an established product making headway into virtual reality. The site keeps kids online longer offering interesting bits of information making it educational and fun for all. One piece of advice, when Lego calls assume everything in the brief will need to look as if it were build of bricks with knobs on them. Doh!

Paul says this about the project: "This online game for Lego uses a Road Trip theme, so I dug into the rich look of American roadside architecture and mixed in some Lego motifs. It was a fun challenge to fit all the requested elements onto a map that would look good and function well for kids and their parents."

Creative Director Keith Malone first saw Paul's The Incredibles poster as inspiration. Keith says: "When The LEGO Company decided to market to Dads for the first time, we knew that we needed a different look and feel from our kid targeted advertising. The challenge was to find an expression that still reflected the core fun of our brand but would also draw upon a style that would resonate with this older consumer base, "new nostalgic". Enter Paul Rogers! His style was a perfect match for our concept. Having never worked with Paul before and dealing with a very tight deadline, the team worried that we would be able to have him "get" the brand and be able to execute on time. No worries there, Paul delivered on schedule and beyond our expectations creating art for a truly unique consumer experience. The team here at LEGO is looking forward to working with Paul again in the future."

Go to the Lego site here

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